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Bayer Diabetes Care

If you have diabetes or know someone who does, you may have heard of Bayer. Bayer Diabetes Care makes diabetic supplies for the diabetes community. They not only make...


Bayer Blood Glucose Meters for Children

Bayer Makes Glucose Meters Geared Towards Children

Bayer Diabetes Care has a great line of blood glucose meters for any person that has diabetes. What you will want to do is sit down...


Bayer Glucose Meters for Adults

Bayer offers a full line of blood glucose meters for adults. If you suffer from diabetes, it is important that you have a blood glucose meter handy to help you control your sugar levels and be sure that your...


Bayer makes various glucose meters such as the various Contour meters or meters based on the Contour design and the Breeze2. They also have one available exclusively by mail that is called Contour TS which is simple to use and has no coding as all of the Bayer units have. It has a large display screen with large buttons and has an orange test strip port so it can be easily seen. These glucose meters by Bayer are all based on the lancet system.

These glucose testing...


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